Who We Are:

Stowpoint services limited is an indigenous oil and gas servicing company with a vibrant team of professionals with vast experience in the oil and gas industry and other related industries to carry out Procurement Support services, Supply of Commodities/Production Chemicals, provision of swamp/earth moving equipment, Marine services, Civil works and provision of skilled Manpower etc. we work as a team to achieve the overall organizational goal thereby driving shareholders value.

Our Mission

To provide uncompromised quality, affordable products and innovative services to all our clients, with due emphasis on the specifications of our clients & the standards of regulatory bodies
Industry standard technical capabilities
Commitment to the total development of the Nigerian content
Rapid responses & rates
Why Stowpoint?
-Fully indigenous team
-Industry standard technical capabilities
-Strategic partnerships
-Commitment to the total development of the Nigerian content
-Flexible dynamic service
-Rapid responses
-Competitive rates
Professional Team
STOWPOINT Project Team comprises of professionals with vast hands-on field experience and working knowledge of planning, scheduling, design, quality assurance/quality control, cost control, procurement, material handling/control, and risk management.

Our Services

Procurement Services

Stowpoint is an innovative and value driven company in the business of Procurement and Supply of quality materials including various engineering equipments such as OCTGS, Valves, Actuators,Pumps, Gaskets, Bolts and Nuts, Flanges, Fittings, Skids, Umbilical and Submarine Cables, Spares etc while paying close attention to the specifics of our client’s needs.

Marine Services

Stowpoint offers provision of
  • *Dive Support Vessels(DSV)
  • *Anchor Handling Tug Supply(AKHTS)
  • *Security Boats(Ballistic & Non Ballistic)
  • *Crew/Pilot Support Boats

Equipment Rental

Stowpoint Services specialises in providing heavy duty equipments. we are continously servcing the growing needs of oil & Gas, and marine by providing durable cost effective leasing solutions. Our leasing services include: forklift, Crane, Trucks, excavators and Generators.

Civil works

Stowpoint offers Civil and Engineering services Were we design, construct and maintain private and public sector projects. Our scope covers front-end engineering, design, planning, laying of asphalted roads, construction of foundations, including site roads and location preparation. We also remodel and expand existing buildings, structures and roads across Nigeria.
These services include: Preliminary site analysis , Cost estimating , Construction administration , Feasibility studies and Project management.

Skilled Manpower

Stowpoint Services also plays a major role in the labour force market. We are a top notch recruitment agency both locally and international personnels. We are grid with vast experience in the deployment of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to the oil & gas, and Marine sectors.
Why Trust Us

Our Certifications & Accreditations

Stowpoint(SPS) has been certified by the following bodies having met the creteria to supply quality products and deliver world class services to the marine and oil & Gas industry.

Outlook for the Future

In the coming years Stowpoint(SPS) aspire to..


Blending Planting


NDT Filtration



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